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Urban style and the copper sink

Posted by Rebecca on

When one thinks of Urban Industrial Interior Design, it's no surprise that copper sinks would come to mind. The style, once defined by wooden floors and steel beams, has softened over the years.

UrbanIndustrial Interior Design is no longer confined to renovated factory lofts with hard edges and exposed brick walls. Today the style incorporates light touches found in conventional homes everywhere.

So, how does one introduce a copper sink into the design flow? Well, it’s been said that the heart of the home is the kitchen. Copper sinks, like the beautiful Farmhouse model, would enhance the red and brown tones found in the accentdecor that is often associated with this style.

Copper sinks can also be employed in the home bar. The Drum Style or Bar Prep copper sink can turn an ordinary bar into a stylish showpiece.

Or, you can pair a modern copper sink with a copper claw-foot tub in the master bath, the possibilities are endless.

When you think about it, the marriage between Urban Industrial Interior Design and the copper sink was meant to be.