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Country style and the copper sink

Posted by Rebecca on

There’s nothing pretentious about the country interior design style; from copper sinks to vintage weavings, this style reinforces the feeling of home comfort. 'Rustic' is the word that best describes this particular design style. And there’s nothing quite as rustic or as charming as the copper sink.

But, 'rustic' doesn’t have to mean old, not by any means. You don't have to scavenge for copper sinks in consignment shops and antique stores. And you aren't confined to just one style. There are a variety of styles available for kitchens, baths, and even the family bar.

For instance, the hammered copper farmhouse sink (single or double bowls) is one of the more popular models used in the family kitchen. The country style is especially suited for displaying the beautiful reds and browns of the copper sink.

Imagine white paneled cabinets, sunlight streaming through windows dressed in vintage plaids, and copper accessories, copper mugs and canisters scattered about the kitchen. What can best complete the image than the addition of a copper kitchen sink?

The country interior design style's most charming component is the copper sink. There's no having one without the other.