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Brass Kitchen Sinks and Brass Bar Sinks made to order for your kitchen remodel

Posted by Cindy R on

OK, so you love the look of a hammered copper sink, but you don't want a copper sink because to do that you will need to upgrade all your brass fixtures to a darker finish. I get it, you have a kitchen remodel and all your light fixtures and cabinet knobs are Brass. Some are shiny brass and your knobs have tarnished to a more rustic brass finish. Have no fear, hammered brass sinks can be found here.  While trend reports say that shiny brass is out, I disagree. With our living finishes, our shiny brass kitchen sink will weather to a beautiful tarnished rustic brass in no time. Over time as you want a different look or imagine how trends can go, shiny brass sinks are back in style. Well, break out the polish and presto chango, you are again the proud owner of a shiny brass kitchen sink with a magnificent hammered texture. 

Custom Brass Bathroom Sinks

While I have a lot of favorite customers, Mia and I have formed a lasting bond. You see, a little over a year ago, she happened upon CopperSinksDirect looking for a custom sink for her kitchen. Not seeing exactly what she wanted, she called our office and I answered the phone. We got to talking [...]

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