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(Now you've started something. Cayo, Cally, Skippy, Arbie and Elvis the dogs, and Mint Sauce the sheep are all demanding copper bowls...sigh.)

Word is getting round the animal kingdom. If your owner really, truly, loves you – then why don’t you have your own customized copper food bowl and matching water bowl? After all, every self respecting cat, dog, hamster, guinea pig, goat, sheep, pot bellied pig, llama and Shetland pony should have attractive bowls to eat and drink out of. You don’t see our owners eating off plastic plates now, do you? (Well, not often.)

A lovely hammered handmade copper bowl, one each for your water and your food, with your name, perhaps a pattern or two, is so much the must have accessory for the beloved pet. The bowls come in custom sizes from teeny to giant, and they are really good and safe for the environment – owners really seem to like the fact that they are made from recycled copper. And hand crafted in Mexico too – that truly says, “I love you, Mr. Tiddles.”

And imagine how nice they will look in your home, accessorizing so beautifully with all your copper fixtures and fittings. Yes, copper pet food and drink bowls are absolutely necessary for the pet who has (almost) everything.