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Dear consumers: It has come to my attention that we have a fear monger in our industry that has chosen to share half truths and assumptions about copper sinks from the United States vs. copper sinks from Mexico and other countries. I cannot sit by and let some of these comments go unanswered any longer.

While I do not choose to bash my competition, I do take offense for all of my brethren in the industry that has to defend themselves against his comments.

Sure there are metal shops in the United States that can and do make copper sinks. Are theirs better than sinks made in Mexico? That depends on what you want in a copper sink. Most of the metal shops in the United States make smooth copper sinks and also make sink and countertops etc in other metals. I will not say they are bad sinks, I’m sure there are plenty that have turned out great for customers that choose them.

Our copper sinks are made in Mexico by local artisans that have learned the trade of coppersmithing from their fathers and their father’s fathers. In prehistoric central Michoacán, the indigenous Purépecha people began making a wide variety of items out of copper. They were never conquered by the Aztecs because they knew how to extract copper alloy and forge it into weapons and other usable items. In the 1530s, new techniques and designs were introduced from Spain where people used their craft to make money. Families in this area of Mexico now have shops that sell a variety of copper wares. The Cazo, one of our most popular sinks was originally created for use in cooking. You can find them in local shops in a wide range of sizes for nearly any cooking application.

Making a copper sink is a group effort, with one craftsman heats a sheet or disk of copper over a open fire, then another carries the red hot metal to a form where it is hammered into shape by another artisan. This process is repeated several times depending on the size of the copper sink. Each Mexican copper sink is hand made from start to finish by artisans and craftsmen that believe each piece is a work of art. Once the form is hand created, another craftsman will take that piece and hammer it with unmatched precision to the beautiful finish we show on our expansive website Once the sink has been hammered, it is passed to another artisan who finishes the edges and punches the drain opening. This hammered copper sink is then flamed one last time to achieve our natural rich dark patina. Along its journey, the copper sink has been handled, worked, hammered, finished, hole punched and patina by at least 5 artisans and craftsmen that inspect it at every step to ensure they are creating the best Mexican copper sink possible every time.

Entire families in this quaint copper town make their livings creating beautiful copper sinks, vases, lamps, jewelry and other accessories. Mothers and daughters twist and braid copper pieces into wonderful bracelets, rings and other wearable art. Fathers and sons work with copper not only making copper sinks, but intricate copper vases, cookware, platters and many other copper creations. With the growing popularity of copper for sinks for the bathroom, bar and kitchens, coppersmithing sinks has grown to be one of the best job creators in this region of Mexico.

Sure, anyone that has trained in working with metal may be able to make a copper sink, but the true creators of the art of coppersmithing live and work in the heart of Mexico continuing their community’s history and tradition as true artisans in the craft of coppersmithing.

Once we receive your copper sink into the United States, we inspect it once again for quality. Keeping in mind that all of our copper sinks are handcrafted by the finest craftsmen in Mexico, all sinks are slightly different. None of our copper sinks are machine made. All of the hammer marks are created by hand by the artisans that have made the copper sink a sought after addition to home around the world.

Copper Sinks are pretty much maintenance free, but copper sinks that are not sealed with a lacquer or other sealer can be subject to changes in color based on the fact that our copper naturally has a living finish that tarnishes and brightens similarly to other unfinished metals like silver, nickel or gold. Our copper sinks are pre-tarnished with a heat process to achieve our nice rich dark color (patina). Copper sinks do not need to be dried out after use.

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