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Hammered Copper Tile Accents for your home.

Posted by Copper Sinks Direct on

Any interior can be brought to vivid and glowing life by copper tiles. Whether used for walls, surrounds, or as flooring accents, the glint and gleam of copper is an unusual and attractive addition to your home.

    Every single one of our easy to use copper tiles is hand crafted by our own artisans in a small town in Mexico. Each one is a unique work of art – gaze at our tiles as long as you wish, and you will never find two which are quite the same.

    From 2” accent tiles, through too impressive 12” tiles, we have the prefect design for you. Leaves and abstracts, animals and flowers, the choice is intoxicating! And we can even design a tile specially for you, any size and shape, from 1 to 1000, your choice of designs.

    Warm and inviting, cool and sophisticated, copper can do it all. Since its discovery in earliest times, copper has been treasured in the most beautiful homes. Let our copper tile be a part of your home decor.