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Copper hostess gifts and more...the gift giving season is here.

Posted by Your Friendly Copper Elf :) on

So your invited to a house party and need something unique for a hostess gift? Well, how about a set of copper mugs, or a copper wine bucket that can double as a utensil holder, super cute. Maybe a copper serving tray? Add a hammered copper pitcher?  Need more for other gifts, what about Mom, you in-laws, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles...wait who else did we forget...better get a few extra pieces just in case.

A copper shaving bowl for Uncle Tim and a Lazy Susan for Aunt Karla?  

A pitcher for Alexa, and a copper spoon rest for your gift exchange at work. 

How about a set of pet bowls for Scruffy. 

Finally a copper tissue box or two for the ones you may have forgotten. 

Happy Holidays